Now, I have seen and heard it all from you.

Your actions say opposite things than what you really mean.

Your words sound like a song on repeat,

More than a thousand times.

I even know your song word for word.

I mean, imagine I know your “I LOVE YOU THAN THE WORD


More than I know my best friend’s song.

I can’t even sing his chorus and verse,

But I know your whole song.

Verses and choruses are renting free in my head.

This is your favourite verse; it goes this way:

In the silence between heartbeats, my love takes flight,

A symphony of emotions, powerful and bright.

Your presence, a sanctuary, where my soul finds peace.

In the tapestry of our love, sweet moments never cease.

Eternally entwined, our hearts will never cease.

I’d rather not talk about your actions

Because you will think that I am studying you the wrong way.

Because what I want to see, I always see it on you,

And it shows that sometimes actions speak louder than words.

I always ask about your love language; you choose physical touch,

Knowing very well that it’s not your favourite language.

I am clearly sure that the one I think it is, is the one

Because every girl says physical touch just to make a boy smile.

But I know how to take out the real one in you,

Which is words of affirmation.

You love being told that you are loved

More than being touched. I can remember all your reactions

Like it was yesterday; every moment I touched you is still vivid.