I wish I was Picasso,
So I could paint you perfectly
In the radiating bright colours you are,
Veiled in your blue atmosphere,
Beyond the vibe, you are an atmosphere;
With your big brown eyes that give the best
Definition of love,
And your lips that never bend down by the weight
Of this world,
With your short wandering hands that pull me
Out of my demise when they touch my saddened face,
And your small feet that always find their way
In the labyrinth of my heart;

I wish was shakespeare,
So I could write a perfect poem,
With you as its title,
Perhaps I would write in beauty,
As I scribble you in your perfect metaphors,
That make even a poet sweat a flow
Of tears trying to describe them,
No similes can describe you,
You are beyond comprehension,
You are beyond the scope of beauty,
It is hyperbolic,
It is beyond the idea of heaven.