Is success the defiance of time or the attainment of material?

my dreams live a step before me

conspiring with time.

The clock is the bow,

its arrows stab every second I know.

Whispers say, “Do it now, do it now, do it now.”

Before I cross this road, they say, “Wait! it takes time.”

Should I do it how?

Is patience the strength of watching the clock go around

and not come back alive?

Or is it the strength to watch them step back, just when your cheek is turned?

Can I find this success without the clock counting my steps.

And when do these clocks sleep, so I can chase my dreams.

And why should these dreams be chased if they were meant for me?

Chasing dreams, but what am I leaving behind?

Foot impression, selfies of my steps as prey for imitation?

For those who never ran with me to just step in?

Of course there’s light at the end of the tunnel,

for those who are used to it, it’s anormal brightness.

Size does matter if the ending is too short.

I hope time shows up

when me and success form union.