When I take rest permanently

Will you visit me at my tomb??

I am afraid that you’ll never

Even come with a shovel to pull out

grass surrounding

My grave,

I fear that you will move on like

I never mattered in your life

Dead or alive 

I still need your company,

Please, don’t abandon me 

In this tomb and leave me crumbling,

Even when I no longer exists

in this world physically,

But my soul is still alive,

Yearning to be with you again…

The love you had for me

It doesn’t have to fade away 

In your heart,

Because a snare of death 

Had to snatch me away from you,

Let the love you had for me keep

Burning forever

Even when I’m not next to you

I still feel the warmth of it

While I’m resting in this


It protects me perishing from cold,

Soon we will meet again,

Soul by soul 

And become united as one.