You’ve dissapointed me countless times but I keep on coming back to you

I keep on thinking that you’ll change but I know that you won’t

Why do my thoughts prevail my knowledge?
Why can’t I just leave you alone?
I think you would love that

I sometimes distance myself from you, but you would come to my house every now and then acting like everything is okay
You wouldn’t even send me a text message after your visit or when you’re coming
You would just show up
You just show up
Why don’t you leave me alone?
You always come with your friends
You always brag about me to your friends
I wish I could say the same about you but I just can’t because the thought of you just makes my heart ache
Why can’t I just forget about you?

You don’t even know my talent
You don’t even know what I like doing during my free time
You don’t even know how much I think of you

Why do I even bother to write this knowing very well that you’ll never lay your eyes on it?

Why can’t I just forget about you?
Why can’t I just leave you alone?
I guess it’s because you’re my father
I guess it is because I love you

I can’t…