If i had time to believe
What would become of the struggle,
the struggle we now have lived to face
the complete damnation of the youth
the taking over of the depression myth
Would we today know the word peace
Would there be freedom to encode
upon our now dead souls,
with no knowledge of where our fate lies
Dare to enlighten me more,
Of what more future there is there
there where there exists youth of rage
the overflowing pain of single mothers
routes of ultimate darkness in many range
space impounded with only worries
there where death has become the norm
and poverty has become black common
there student discrimination
now has come to serve as motivation
there where exists pandemic of manmade diseases
that sought to break black economies
Spare me of politics,
for they now bring about inequalities
We live to survive
We thrive to become,
the better image of who we are
to change where we come about
to change home situations
and be opposite society expectations
The black is consumed with wishes,
some with broken dreams
So much pain,all in vain
We can now sit to imagine
as we wait for destiny to unfold
more of the future we could’ve had
Because know the black youth has given into battle
A battle against the past,future and the now