What I meant to say is I’m in love your eyes,
Of which they tend to tell a lot of stories that
I wish to listen to but sometimes I wonder
Whether those stories include me or there
Are just stories that anybody could listen to
But what can I say cause I’m in love not only with them
But with you too so help me if I can’t help
falling In love with you cause somehow I do
And I know you do too, help

Love is the most beautiful thing shared by two
Meaning you and me but sometimes
I become scared of loving you not knowing
Whether you love me too or two but all
That is just a matter of two souls battling
On whether they love each other or not
Or maybe I forgot about love,
What love is
What love means.

Love is only beautiful to those
Who see it with their hearts
Instead of their eyes, sometimes
Eyes can deceive a soul but never
A heart can lie about who it loves
So if it’s a bad thing for me
To fall in love with you
Than how bad can I be for I love
You not just you but your eyes as well

So forgive me if I can’t help
Cause I can’t ignore the fact that
I have something within that feels
For you,that loves you…

So if you not in a hurry can we
Please take this slow for I really
Wish to love you gold but I think
The rest is for you to finish

So therefore can we love each other or not?.