I do not enjoy

feeling like this

hiding behind false faces

which seem to leave wettened

the outskirts of my bed



our steamy cuddles 

and curious convos

come close to unraveling 

my puzzled shell


I find myself 

standing next to you

On the highest point

of the Heavenly bridge 

that runs across 


the rivers of rhythm 

which kiss away 

the floors of insecurities,

while running above 

our mountains of baggage


my palms still thirst

to push you over

our clouds of joyous memories

just to watch you plunge

into the heartbreaking waterfall

of previous attempts 


You being the pillar

and the perfect weight

that keeps Our bridge

steadily running above 

our mistakes 

and saddened bondages 


because I’m scared of love

but love being addicted

to the intoxicating, salty taste

of our melting memories

running down

the corners of my eyes