They take my kindness for granted.

They see my silence as stupidity.

They see my uniqueness as peculiar.

They take my confidence as arrogance.

My defiance as rebellion.

They take my intelligence as showing off.

“I got lucky” when I succeed.

My excellent command of the English language is


My promotion at work is that I might have slept my

way to the top.

When I secure anything to my name, It’s because of

pretty privilege.

I am too ambitious when I work hard.

To voice out my opinions, I think I know it all.

I am ignorant when I don’t know anything.

I am incapable when I make mistakes.

I am stubborn when I say no.

When I don’t hang out with them, I think I am


When I prefer to be alone, I am antisocial.

When I try to be like them, I am fake.

When I stand up for myself, I love to fight.

When people walk all over me, I am a doormat.

I want male attention when I dress too sexy.

When I dress too modestly, how am I going to

attract a man wearing that?

Putting too much effort on my looks, I am self-

obsessed and vain.

When I neglect my looks, I should put a little effort

in my appearance.

When I don’t want kids, ” What type of a woman are


When I decide to have kids, I will be less attractive

and ruin my body.

“I prefer being single” means I am going to die a

sad, lonely old woman.

When I smile and laugh with the opposite sex, I am

too flirty.

Putting my career on top will never get me a

husband or marriage.

Getting married, means my life and goals will end.

When I chase money, I am a gold-digger.

When I choose love over money, ” What life are you going

to have with a poor guy?”

It’s a lot.

Because I am a woman, eveything I say or do will always be criticised. Life has always been cruel to the fairer sex. It seems like we can’t catch a break. We are merely judged because of the thing between our thighs. Because of society, we can never win. The best thing to do is to block all of the noise, stand tall with our heads held high. Life is too short to be concerned with people’s expectations of us. We are strong women. They should know their words bounce off us and stick to them. They can never break us.