In a cozy home, where love does reside,

A mother’s care, a father’s pride.

She’s the sun that shines so bright,

He’s the moon that guides through the night.

She wakes up early, with a motherly smile,

To cook and clean, going the extra mile.

Her children’s laughter, her heart’s delight,

She’ll do anything to make things right.

He leaves before dawn, with a heavy heart,

To toil and sweat, playing his part.

Workshop or office, he doesn’t mind,

For his family’s happiness, he’ll always find.

Together they stand, hand in hand,

Through thick and thin, they’ll always withstand.

Their love so strong, their bond so true,

In each other, they find strength anew.

For in their eyes, their family’s dear,

Their everything, their reason to cheer.

A mother’s love, a father’s sacrifice,

In their home, love will always suffice.