We let them speak as if we don’t hear

Let them hate as if we don’t hear

We rather keep quiet than speak

They want to change us but they can’t

They say they are helping us but they really aren’t

They judge us for being ourselves but it doesn’t matter because we act deaf

In that process it’s not only our self-esteem they hurt it’s also our feelings

Even when we try to ignore the harsh things they say, it keeps hurting us little by little

But we don’t even bother to answer back because they will make us feel worse

Even without provoking anyone people always find a way to make you feel angry and sad

They change the smile on your face to form tears

It’s surprising how we smile and hang out with the very same people that hurt our feelings

We can’t be happy around them because they always find a way to make us sad

It seems they have taken control of our lives and feelings

Yet we call them our friends, but they have made themselves our enemies

It’s not that we hate them it’s just that we don’t like some of the things they say and do to us

Some of their comments can destroy our vision and mission

Even after all that we still forgive them