I sat in this lavish lounge, at Will’s fortress, in the USA

His friend arrived & he was excited for me to meet him,

My back facing you both, yet, His, first impression was, that, I, was this thing

“Are you sure this is the right girl? she isn’t even pretty.”

I heard every word from where I was sitting

Back & forth the conversation went from “No I’m not gonna talk to her,”


“Maybe I should just see if she’s just a gold digger,”

“How can you be sure she’s the ONE?


“I don’t even know if I want to meet her”

Will’s reply, “Hey, that might be my mom calling, just go in there & see her.”

He entered the room & I did NOT look up

My feelings were hurt, I felt embarrassed & annoyed for what…

My thoughts, “WHO were you to judge me? You’re NOT God!”

He sat on the couch far opposite me & started feeling nervous af

Sweeping his hair to the back he sat there mad, just staring 

I looked at HIM, introduced myself and he started swearing

Then, interrogating me like some detective on a case

His negative demeanor was evident & when he realized this, it showed on his face


His perception of me changed when I asked, “Do you speak to all royalties this way?”

He put two fingers on his dry lips, paused, then pouted & grinned. Apologized, and instead, started talking to me with grace

Our conversation got deep, Will peeped in, then left us alone again

We spoke for a while then, enthused, he fell for my heart, that spoke out loud that day

About purpose, our journey in this life, & then, when I wanted to leave, He insisted, I stay

“Watch Gatsby with me please? I’d like to hear your version & should you’d accept my invitation; we

could go on set where it was made.”

“Who is he? This Gatsby…” I’d say playfully

He replies, “A mysterious, infamously charming, intelligent gentleman…” I must know

He looks away & whispers, “His me”

Bashfully, saying when we’d meet…

“It’s so nice to see you, Daisy,”

“It’s so nice to see you, Gatsby”, I’d grin

We acted out that scene together so many times

One day he says, “No. Please, call me Leo.” & we just stared into each other’s eyes

That was the start of our close relationship, no lies!

His prayer to God was for time alone, for us to get to know each other

God places us on this island together, forever & a day,

Where we were surprised to find ourselves young again

Me barefoot in my blue jeans, white tee & black fro,

Him standing there in his fancy beige suite & white shirt, smiling & grateful

The last day on forever island, all grown & in love, God tests our souls by answering Leo’s prayer

& joins us in holy matrimony

Soulmates becoming 1

Whispering…My lover, my partner, my friend…my everything


Before I knew it, I was back home in Cape Town.

Lying in bed.

One night Leo asks me to go with to heaven

I agreed, but as soon as we saw the light

He saw his destiny & became a teenager again

He became as big as a giant, a King, & I… His Queen

He took my arm in his hand, kissed my wrist and slit it… I thought this all to be a bad dream

He laughed & shouted,

“I love you Baby, but you not ready to leave yet, go back & live your life on

earth, I promise I’ll come for you.”

“Shh, no crying my Lover. Partner & friend, my everything.

My heart will be yours… forever & a day & this is how I pray it will stay.”

Crying. I fell from heaven & landed back in my body in bed

Thinking… I’m dead.

Next day I’m being admitted to hospital…

Turns out, I decided to be free in mind & go off my meds

Leo’s visits with Will at hospital, when I was admitted in August 2022, what a surprise

I could see the pain of leaving me there, when you both left, in your eyes

You both looking out for me standing at the window & both waving goodbye in the dark

Oh, how we would laugh & make plans for me to escape… & meet in the park

He actually came back for me this was what I forgot… & didn’t expect

He was there when I went to a mental institution, in March 2023. Correct!

During my admission, my womb was locked in his stomach & I went on Depro-V

No more false-positive pregnancies

We know why they all couldn’t see pass my labels. I was just pumped full of Quetiapine

The guys had an apartment for me and everything was planned to the T

I was to separate from my human partner & be on my own

We were preparing to have encounters & relationship with God together, in an open space alone


Therefore, I will continue to testify about my supernatural experiences with humans who don’t believe

“Gatsby” still hangs out with me in the present in his own way

Still, there’s so much more to voice, patience…one day one day

Everyday I’m reminded of how much I’m loved & that this will never change

As long as there’s a God above

No matter where I’m present, in this reality in whatever time zone, any realm, universe, planet or island

Home will always be, where I am with my favourite celebrity, the Creator & Author of it all,

ME!… I’m reminded too often, that I WILL always know & have my place in this existence, 

Therefore, I trust & obey 

But for now,

I think you all know why I STOP.

Take a moment… to just REMEMBER US THIS WAY.