Dear orphans

It is unfortunate that I can open my cup for thee to see what is inside

As I woke now

I’m forever thinking about you

I’m thinking about how do you survive not having a mother’s love

I want to say I feel your pain

I want to say I’m sorry for what you are going through

I know it might not be an easy journey for you

But hang in there

One thing for sure

It shall pass and you will forget

And rejoice In grace

I want to help

But I do not know how

I have nothing in hand

I cannot buy happiness you deserve

I cannot buy a smile on your face

But hang in there

One day, it shall come to an end

It will be a happy ending story to tell

I cannot compare your pain to anything else

Because I know , not all of us can relate

Some are heartless

But as for me

I always pray for you to have more strength to survive it all

I cannot imagine the pain you are in

The challenges you are facing now

I can say in other way it is a lesson to learn life

You might not be physically abused

But emotionally I can guarantee , you are not well

I will never blame you

I will not judge in whatever you do

My wish

Is for you to have peace

To live in peace and In harmony

May all your dreams appears to be true

Dear orphans, hang in there

It shall be well