what a long disappointing day it was

what a sad depressing day it was

let it be the time to forget about everything now

time to sleep time to find peace

time to dream time to be successful

because in my dreams am always successful

see, yesterday i was a millionaire, i had a car and a beautiful wife beside me, i was really a successful man even though I was just dreaming

we all want love and lean on someone

but the loved ones love’s someone else even though they say they do love you just with words but their actions show’s the truth

who should we rely and lean on when friends lie and the loved one betrays you

it’s time to go to bed my sleep comforts me so I lean on my sleep

as black as coal the night is as sweet as honey the sleep is

tired of working during the day hope my sleep will be sweet

time to sleep let me get refreshed and dream for my better days