Like a finger and a nail, we have a relationship.
Nothing pale, but great as we make contact.
Like a key on a door, the importance we serve
As we mate like red imported fire ants,
We produce words, of wisdom that changes lives of South Africans.

The rainbow of a nation.
As we walk in union, we brake a record like an onion.
As the paper glows, black and red ink looking so glamourous,
God’s creation.

Importance as moringa tree, with leaves that heals,
Coffee with cremora, the, taste that’s prodigious,
Tipex, a wet chalk, as it flows erasing words so auspicious,
Like a ratex, leaving cats in grief as rats croak,
As if you were climbing a steep hill until a rope broke.

As it leans flat like a map,
On a table square like a mat,
Can’t sit on it, but can sleep on it.
Seeking ideas in the world of fantasy.
As the words flows out, vowels and consonants. 

All moves down the throat like condense,
A lady with confidence,
Keeping her body all so hydrated, making an acceleration,
Sweet dreams, as she travels in imagination.
Wake up with a pile of medication.
Journey of hundred miles in the head, causing migration,
That needs to be paved on probation.
Indeed, with a pen on a paper.

A paper and a pen
Husband and a wife.
It first began as a stem of a tree, that brought life of a husband,
Who got married to a foreign woman in a band,
From a different mother land.
Yes, a pen, with no maiden name that trends.
As she stands in posture, waving an invisible hand.
Throat cleared, as he puts on a crown.
King and a queen,
We are one plus one.
Depending on each other.

She’s a positive charge, I’m in opposition. 
She came in attractive, from Edding AG.
That is why we apply the law of attraction,
Of superfluous reputation, like a battery in a remote,
A petrol in Bertone.
Like hippopotamus, we are halfway enormous,
Spontaneous, we give life so glorious.
um papel e uma caneta