Tension all over the world. People are afraid there won’t be a woman nor a child tomorrow, because women and children are raped and killed every hour.

People are lusting each other’s blood. People are killing each other like animals. The hatred is disgraceful, yet you woman with thorns you have no shame, no integrity.

What a daredevil you are, tiring a cross on his back. Throwing stones on him, though you know you are incriminating the poor man. Putting the skin of a hyena on him.

You know he did not touch you. He did not force himself on you.
Why do you lie? Why do you step on his his future? What a shameless woman you are. You have no remorse.

Can’t you throw away those thorns? It is never late, we can protect those women who were really raped.

Those women who are afraid to chop vegetables, because they are afraid of knives.
Women who hate boys, because they believe they will grow up and turn into snakes.
Women who shun from men because they say ” they are all the same”.

Women with thorns I beg u, tell the truth. Let’s save the children. Let’s save the women, and let’s save the men.