Can you find even a single star when you look in my eyes?

Let me tell you something

I see a thousand galaxies when i look in your eyes

Everyone has a song that makes them smile,

A song that makes them dance,

For me, it’s the sound of your voice.

Sorry to ask but where are you?

am missing you.

What if I tell you, am a fool

but in need of you

Just to get your attention, just to get close to you

Temporary love like sunset it was

I dated your sister

I know it was wrong but my friends made it easier

Now am no longer close to you

Am afraid even though am already forgotten

I feel like you are my creation because

You make my heart beat faster

I don’t want you to choose me but know that

You make the sad me keep smiling

Am quite outside but inside

Am troubled and always screaming

I just want you to know

Peace and silence you bring to my mind.