Frequencies in my mind, channeling me as far as the south is to the north pole.
My heart has prepared a table of emotions and as we dine at the pains of life.
We hurled things at each other, creating weapons of words, that made lasting scars.

My chest Is a pillow filled with teary moments and every ligament in my body minutes my deepest fears.
Forgive me for forgiving you, I forgive myself for the unsettling past.
I look at you as though my reality was my past as though I were present in the past than in the present.

I get lost, trying to search for a meaning behind all these emotions.
The residue of pain is evidently visible in every word and thought.

My unthought thoughts are God’s unrepentant mistakes a extreme error He’d regret eternally.
You are susceptible to change and your susceptibility is hard, even undetectable at times.
For some reason our relationship was a grand Shakespearen illusiveness,
Feelings are so bittersweet, haunting and create sleeplessness nights, however I have realized that you the quality of right and wrong in equal measure.