It is the year two thousand and twenty-three.

Many are expecting new things.

A teenager’s kid is turning three.

Women are flooding abortion clinics.

The boy that stays down the street

He is doing his last grade in school matric.

Next year he will be going to university

But we’re not sure; anything can happen.

The girl that stays next door

I came to say goodbye today

While I was mopping the floor.

This is her first year in varsity.

For me, it is a different case.

It is not what many expect.

I was not fast enough,

I’m on my bed, cuddling with regret.

A lesson was learnt.

I am not where I dreamt I would be.

It was not my choice to be here.

I am not happy with the decision

But I will be spending another year in paradise.

To be honest, paradise is not the correct word.