You won’t notice it’s tricks until u get tricked
It ain’t always perfect
It ain’t always inspiring
But the fact is that, it does not remain at rest
but moves along with time-every second ,every year.
Like seasons it has its own time where flowers bloom, where the sun shines
And with a blink of an eye all can change
It may start raining with thunder.
Its aim is not to make us feel less, uncomfortable ,give up ,feel pain nor loose hope
It aims to show us the strength ,power and wisdom that lies within us
the wisdom which we can use to archive many things , the strength which we can use to build ourselves and the power that we can use to see our future.
It is not bad at all, it just love to challenge and teach us new lessons about itself.
Fact is, it won’t throw u challenges which ar bigger than your strength and wisdom
It throw challenges accompanied by solutions which are blur
Like a camera you just have to adjust the focus for you to see the solutions.
It can be soft yet hard.
It is Life.