I had a nightmare about the table,

The long table that stood.

As they ate all the table was filled with,

The table filled with only evil.

And was I not in awe,

As evil Mrs and Mr’s ate.

They ate people!

Admist the table chairs,

Sat Mr Covid, and next to him was corruption

Then besides sat Mrs Depression and Mr Anxiety

The table continued to feed!

As it fed the world’s greatest villians,

With people!

The Glasses filled.

Filled with red juices!

Red juices called blood.

As it quenched their thirst

I was quick to see the grave of Mr Apartheid

At least he no longer a pest

I turned my head.

To a bizarre scene!

Of Mr Crime, as he sent his goons to work!

And the table feared his grace.

And was I not quick to wake up from that nightmare.

As the table continues to feed on people.