As the mind glide glint of glitz,
His name gasp the heart,
His voice kept ringing exaltation,
His pictures quaint the glee
His essence zanier and ruled the soul
The thought of him in her arms glued to the mind,

Glum and lovelorn filled heart
Faff was a repeating song
Seduction sung a qualm
Him in her mind was greedily gregarious
She couldn’t say anything but yet said everything
Unspoken words became loud and clear

Fantasizes covered in fantasy,
As Love drove to devotion,
The feeling become queer quibble to the chest.
Jealousy become like a glaucoma,
His face was on replay and yet detesting,
Loneliness abet the nabbed thoughts of first kiss and touch.

Thoughts said tell and let expectations float
Obsession said he will connect to the signal sent
Feelings ramble as Unspoken word of silence said hey,
Affection affecting affectionate swept to obsession,
Obsession narrowly waiting for the nibbled love