There’s no Utopia
You just grew accustomed to your semi-real shades
Intolerant to the true nature of your surroundings
You limit yourself to artificial pleasure

Many have been on the brink of escape
But no.. “it must have been a phantasm”
“Lets befriend the unnatural world again..”
“I’m not ready to fight endless temptation..”

But the spiritual realm will remain unseen
For as long as these vultures can feed off your insecurities
It’s sickening how you indulge yourself in the dark light
But tell me something.. how real IS your reality?

Easily the ephemeral bubble of heaven chained you
And inaudible the warnings as you seek no advice..
Bound to that cowardice state you keep craving unrighteousness
Join the fight, you know you won’t escape otherwise

..or perhaps your addiction dominates even your glass case life
How dare I try and understand a nightmare that’s not even mine?
Obediently you submit, influencing even unsuspecting morula
Shamelessly you gain control by distracting others with your lies

That’s why I despise your kind
I’d wish you’d grow some courage
To escape the hallucination
and live your real life