When I say NO!!
When I say No why can’t you just stop?
Why dont you stop what you’re doing because I’m still a child?
I am still young to go through all this
Do you really wanna see me going through this pain?
Crying my lungs out?
You seeing me having waterfalls actually I meant salt water falls running down my cute face because I can’t fight you?

When I say No!
When I say No please stop.
I am putting a stop to what you’re doing because it brings pain inside me.
You’re suppose to be a brother that can brother me and for me to bother whenever something bad comes my way,
You have to protect me no kill my inmost being.

You are killing my self esteem you know that,
Got you no simpathy to sympathise your own sister?
Your flesh and blood of your fore fathers?
You are ruining me because greed got you to want me to yourself for one day and one stolen night.
You know?
You have brought hate in me.
Yes,you have brought nothing but hate
So please
Im forgiving you for something that i did not even do.
Now will you please stop when I am asking you to stop?