As his eyes
glances darkness
Lying down at his
Warm mattress
A fair lady comes
With her night dress.
Full exposure
Of her mysterious body
Her chips lips
And her well taut breasts
The beautiful dark lady
The man stare’s at her
With his closed eyelids
Adore her body
A million times
At every inch of time
They both sight
Over each other
The sight of adoration
Draws they closer
And closer
Til their mouth
Alloy forms
They fall in love
Without telling each other.
Other ,the sight had already
They then travels
To the lake together
Watch glandieur white fowls
Swimming together
The man dives In first
Without measuring the depth
Of water , He calls her
They play in the water
Baptiste each other
They then perch over
Run after each other like sand
chasing the wind
Where you ll reach
ll be my destiny too
They then grip
In fairly manner each other
Like a greased bolt and nut
See rests her body
At his chest
A complete exotic moment
Feeling the heart unmeasurable warmth
They smile
Endlessly at each other delightful faces
Whilst their mouth sing
In dialogue
The lovely songs of Solomon
Watch together the brightest star
In the galaxy up the sky
The then depressed
View the daffodils ,
Pick some flowers and gave each other
Then they went to the church
To ask God about
Their wedding
” You Loved us before
Now that we love
God grant a mighty weddings ”
Angel’s sing lovely songs
Whilst him taketh a ring
And crown it on her finger
They walk heavinly steps
Towards the pastor to bless
” Now you are one ”
Amen .