We’re not sure what you want us to say when a man as a father and husband comes home drunk and ill treats his wife and kids
When there’s  a man who wakes up one morning and decides to kill and hang his pregnant wife
When there’s a teenager out of anger, frustration and misunderstanding stabs his class teacher
When there’s a man who decides to rape and kill a university student in a work place

We’re not sure what you want us to say
Congratulations to South Africa for being one of the top ten countries with the highest crime  rate?

We’re not sure what you want us to say
When you exhibit your cruel lifestyles infront of us on a daily basis and then you say…
You expect  so much more from the future of South Africa

What are you teaching the young people ?
What future are you building for the youth of South Africa?
What seed are you planting within us that we are supposed to reep in the near future ?

When you murder the people of your own kind
When you steal from the homes and pockets of the people of your own country
When you  rape the young ladies and women of your own country
When you abuse the young and old people of your own country

Can’t you see ??
That you are demolishing the future of your own kind
You are destroying the future  of your own people
You are jeopardizing the future of your own nation

We’re not sure what you want us to say
When we all gather around and watch in silence
Whilst all is going wrong and our land is turning into ruins
But we are doing absolutely nothing
Yet we sing our nation anthem with pride and joy , *”Sounds the call to come together and united we shall stand”*

So are we not meant to work together , grow together and be united as a rainbow nation?

Why are we keeping our country bound in chains when we were given the keys to our freedom ?

Why are continuously making things worse
When we are most capable of making them better ?

How far are we supposed to go before we realise that we are becoming monstors in our own land ?

How many people are we supposed to lose before we realise that people’s lives actually matter ?

Many people have suffered due to terrifying incidences in their surroundings
Many  people now live their lives in constant fear just because of all this unnecessary distribution

Countless words have already been said
All we need to do is take action and change society’s mindset
Change starts from within and it starts with you and me
Besides that,

We’re not sure what you want us to say …