It’s really strange how strong and confident,

I looked on the outside.

How well and perfect the world saw me

But yet self-doubt and brokenness,

Consumed and filled my heart on the inside.

For so long I had accepted failing

I had forgotten the warrior in me

I had forgotten the reason I’m sailing,

In this dangerous water with sharks and crocodiles

In this dangerous journey called life,

I had forgotten how to dive.

The true reason I am still alive.

I still remember. I took my sit just near,

I just wanted yo listen attentively,

At first I just thought I was attending to face my fears

That has been the best decision I took

I listened to the wise words from a wise man

They were life music to my ears.

They plated in my mind,

And in that moment I knew there’s alot I had to find.

There’s alot that had to change

From that moment I changed.

I developed a new name

My name was warrior

I learned yo have faith in myself

I learned to keep pushing

Even when no believes, even when the world is against me.

In that moment I was inspired

In that moment I was motivated

That I am more powerful than my fears

That I am stronger than I think I am,

I am stronger than I once was.

The fighter, the warrior and the conquerer.