They say love has limits but the love I have for her is unlimited

No man or woman, girl or boy can break the bond we have together

I believe in her she would never cheat on me as others say

I don’t even believe it, I have faith that she would never even consider it

Why am I saying she wouldn’t even consider it you may ask

Because the love we share is exceptional, unconditional, and invincible that’s why

I am proud to have a girlfriend like her, in fact, a wife like her

People wouldn’t believe me if I shared with them the things I do for her

We are like two birds flying up in the sky, wondering around to see where our love will take us

Every second I spend with her is a new chapter in my book of secrets (Diary)

I can’t even spare a second without speaking to her

I can’t imagine us having a long-distance relationship at all it would be heartbreaking

I don’t even regret loving her at all

They say Kuyabora ukudla emzini oyedwa(eating in one house is boring) but I am doing just fine

That’s why I Will always say forever wena my love till death do us part

But I don’t think even death can do us part