How could you do that

You took her away from me

She didn’t even say goodbye

i didn’t even see her

In my dreams

But i saw some

leaving this life to the next

You left me in agony

“pelo bohloko” is the song

I often listen to

When missing loved ones

It says “heaven is a city of gold”

It hurts when i think about you

The times when you were ill

They didn’t even bother

to tell us about your illness

I didn’t know your age

Until death knocked

i realised that you were old

But i saw you on your deathbed

even though i didn’t know

it was it already

you heard some passing on

And you wished

God took you instead

It was the pains that

You experienced made you

Say those heartbreaking words

You didn’t have the right

To take her right away

I had so much to do

for You and give you