i’m afraid of society
the reaction of my families
the smiles from my enemies
all i want is someone to care for me

i don’t know where i’m gonna start
it’s such a big deal to me
a tragedy in their eyes
i’m not brave enough

the truth is starting to show
my baby is starting to grow
mother looks at me differently
my sister and the nanny also

i have sleepless nights
i cry when everybody’s a asleep
this secret is eating me up
i don’t know what’s gonna happen to us

baby, i am afraid
i love you with my all
i don’t want to lose you
buh i don’t know what the future holds

talking to you calms me down
when i spend time with you
i’m assured that there’s hope
and everything is going to be okay

i’ve always wondered what it’ll be like
to have someone as my all
i now know that motherly love
that’s said to be so different