Listen to what you’re saying,

Have meaning in your words,

They can build or destroy worlds.

Listen to the sound of your voice,

The tone, the trembling, the hoarseness and the smoothness, just listen.

Listen to what you’re feeling,

Listen to your intuition,

What is it saying?

Should you go for it,

Or just stay in?

It will guide you, advise you, and feed you inner knowledge.

It’ can never go wrong, Just listen.

The world and the people have something to say,

They will tell you to live this and that way,

How to sit, dress, think and what to say,

A simple disobedience drives them insane,

It’s okay for them if we all live the same.

Carve your path, make your own way!

Hear what they say, don’t listen to everything they say.

Listen to what’s real, just listen.

Listen to the sound of your heart beat,

That’s persistency,

Listen to the sound of your breath,

That’s consistency,

Maybe it’s not too late,

Be grateful,

Show gratitude,

Be still and listen to what life has to share, just listen.