We Were Kids Then
It was us at jolly times ,
It was us at cloud nine ,
Back then when we minded not to got out bare feeted
And satisfy the needs of hearts ,
skin cracked ,with no shirts ,
Even though we knew the consequences of tunes we were going sing right at the arrival home ,
We didn’t care .

Back then we shared the good’O big times with friends and half my cousins ,
We shared meals on the same plates
And listened to chirebu fairtales ,
Back younger before 16 ,

The soil was an ocean we would camouflage ourselves with ,
Not minding the peoples’ talks ,
Back then
When rich kids poked us with laughters calling us with names ,
Because they wished they were us and the irony still drove two steps back ,
We knew nothing of jealous no matter how we were warned ,
We were just the reseliance type
Back then .