I woke up to a dream

A dream of fairy-tales

A dream that I wish I can’t awaken from

A dream where my face is by all the billboards of fame!

No roads were diverging..

No obstacles and regrets

No lust but love and laughter

I kept smiling from within

Tossing and turning in white, silver and gold garments.

Wind pointing to the same direction

Birds singing Softly like a morning angel

I swear I was the queen

And everyone bowed to me

No details no questions asked!

Besides me there was a kind king

Tall,dark,bold and very loving

He brought me nothing but joy, peace and happiness

His heart beat kept beating up my name

His lips soo kiss inspiring

Soo soft gentle like an infant

He called me his queen

And indeed I was his only queen

There was laughter from a distant garden fresh greeny garden

Two toddlers running around with dog barking tossing its long tail around

And they called my name.. Mama.. Mama

I look around.. I could smell the blossom of fresh flowers from the greeny garden.. Mmmhhh..

I was woken up to a dream..

The life I will never have!!!

The life I will never have!!!

I woke up!! I mean I did wake up..

To a house with brown broken colours

No silver, white and gold garments

No peace no laughter

No birds, no barking

No toddlers running around with laughter

Roads were diverging

I kept still… Wondering..

Disturbed by the wind coming from all directions…

And then suddenly I realized that..

Indeed it was only a dream!

A life I will never have!!!

Life of regrets

Life of broken pieces of my heart all over the place..

A life soo unforgiving soo cruel..

A with no solutions but change of challenges challenging me..

A life of sorrow and pain

A life full of tears..

A life!.. A life..!

I woke up to a dream..

The life that I will never have…