It breaks my heart.

Being right next to me. 

To feel your body warmth. 

To be content being in your presence. 

A song for my heartbreak. 

Would become a reality

Having the chilly feeling of summers breath in extreme.

Wishing every face seen.

Was yours instead.

Every hug felt was your body wrapped around mine.

A song for the mistake I have made. 

To be subbed for your smell of love and security including comfort.

Hoping the presence of others.

We’re subbed for presence instead.

The smells of perfume surrounding me.

A song for the headaches I had caused. 

I have composed a list of songs.

Which everytime I hear them my heart cries out.

Without you they don’t sound the same.

I crave you in my dreams and thoughts.

The cravings are shaking my entire being.

There’s nothing I can do about it without you near me.

A song for the second chance I did not get. 

I’m powerful enough to survive this.

I finally understand that the pain of your absence cannot kill me.

Someday my heart will completely heal and I’ll be okay.

A song for the romance gestures I shared with you. 

When the tides calm down.

Will you stay at my shore?

Holding my hands throughout the storms.

Is my silence a bore to you?

Is my smile a trauma that rises when you see me?

Will you leave a sad song for me to cry over it?

A song for all the lies told in the relationship. 

I guess hearts like mine were never meant to be appreciated.

They were meant to be broken down.

Who would’ve thought you would be the one breaking it.

A song for the butterflies I gave you during the honeymoon phase.