I saw a picture of you today.

The one we took back in 2017.

You were so happy that day.

But now I’m starting to forget what your smile used to be like.

It’s been years without you.

And I have so much to tell you.

The time is not really on our side.

You used to say that time is the enemy.

I did not understand that when I was young but now I do.

Your son bought a car.

Your younger daughter got married.

We still water the plants that are in your garden.

We are still looking after your livestock like we promised.

We still jam to the songs you used to love.

Well the best thing is that we haven’t heard mom crying at night.

I guess that is a good sign, she is healing.

There is a new baby in the family and we named him after you.

We still love you.

We won’t forget about you .

Please be an angel,

And guide us.

So that we won’t get lost.