With love being something as natural as breathing air.
As I sit alone to understand the our situation
With my emotions all over the place
I wish my feelings don’t become as common as everyone’s.
With me chasing you just like everyone chasing their dreams.
Teach me how to love you.
Teach me how to be blind over the word love
Teach me to be that little kid that believes in Princesses finding their one true love with me.
Let your eyes see what I see in you,
Let your mind dream what I dream for us.
Teach me how to love you
With heart breaks as simple as doing one plus one
Teach me how to reverse that negative emotion to our love.
As I let fantasy become as real as watching it in fairytale movies.
Teach me how to love you,
By just letting my simple happily ever after live in this reality.
Teach me how to love you.