I’m just a normal everyday guy

Yeah I’m just the guy from next door

I am a strong guy who have a sensitive side but I don’t show that side of me to anyone

Cause I was raised in a community where they have told me that guys don’t have a “sensitive side”

Guys are supposed to be and act strong at all times

Guys are tigers my neighbor told me when I was 10 years old

And tigers don’t cry

But I’m the guy who can admit to myself when I’m hurt

I’m the guy who cries in the shower sometimes when I’m hurting

Why should I keep all these to myself?

I talk to my bro about my feelings

When I’m hurting I’m hurting

When I’m angry I’m angry

When I feel that someone has let me down or when it feels like everything is becoming too much for me I talk about it

I’ll ask for forgiveness to those I have wronged and I always admit when I was in the wrong

Yes I am a man and believe me I’m very much straight

But I am also just a human being with feelings

And I’m not going to ignore or hide them