At the peak of dawn!
There I was flowing and floating to every direction of the wind.
My heading was not known and all hope was lost!
For a feather in the winds I was!
The winds finally settled,
Solid grounds were met!
You picked me up and eternal love I arrived at!
Dusk came about and I was whole, for a feather in your arms I was.
Hope was found!
Despair I felt no longer,
For loving arms now held me firmly.
Now I know what it meant to have a home!
In the bludgeoning of chance, you made me safer.
In the night that covered me, my heart was warm.
For a feather in love I was!
The wind no longer felt my sorrow,
For hope was found at loving arms!
I think I can finally see the colour of love,
For warm and tender it is!
For a feather complimented by the art of love I now am!