She stared at herself in the mirror.

Saddened at what she saw.

She couldn’t recognise herself.

The lively eyes,

Were replaced by lifeless ones.

Her smile,

Replaced by a frown.

She was a shadow of her former self.

The wrinkles on her face,

Showed she’s had it rough.

Her mouth was missing

A few teeth

Because of him.

He erased every trace of beauty

Belonging to her,

With his constant beatings.

She sighs and applies foundation

To cover her blue eye,

And a little bit of red lipstick

To mask the bruised lip.

She looks at her body

Full of scars.

Each scar had a story

Of its own.

“I can’t live like this.

It’s either I stay and die,

Or I go and live.”

She looks at him sleeping

Very intoxicated.

She takes her clothes

And stuff them into a bag.

“Please, God. Be with me.”

She unlocks the door

Careful enough not to make a sound.

She has been caught before,

Trying to escape.

She can’t make the same mistake.

She sneaks out and locks him inside.

Then she runs for

Her life!