I give love to abused women who are stuck in bitter marriages for the sake of their children.

To children who have lost both their parents.

To women who cannot conceive children.

Homeless who have to beg in order to survive.

I give love to young beautiful woman who sleeps around looking for love.

Women who sell their bodies to feed thier families.

I give love to prisoners who has lost hope of being released.

To those who lost their loved ones through accidents,deseases and sicknesses.

Suicidal people who only see it as their only option.

I give love to those who are bullied because of their dark skinned colour and body shape.

To depressed people who sleeps with tears and wake up with tears.

I give love to all those feel unloved and has given up looking for love.

Today I give you love and you shall receive love.

Let love be upon you for nothing is powerful than love.