Our country’s left-wing

Too far left Pan-African

And Marxist Leninists

Political party.

President Julius Malema,CIC,

Announced it in 2013 in soweto

I remember it like it was yesterday.

16 August 2013,the EFF announced that it has secured the constitutional court case for

It’s#PayBackTheMoney against Jacob Zuma.

EFF has become a beacon of hope for

The disenfranchised and inspiration to us.

EFF became the student wing

It won many universities.

It support the rights of LGBTQI

The EFF proved once more

Who is in charge in the country.

The CIC said I’m in charge I’ve got you

by scrotum.

There’s nothing you can do all of you combined.

You can scream anyhow you want.

Once more I demonstrate to you

Black opposition, white opposition

I’m in charge I want that to sink.