I just wanna let you know that I miss the old us

I miss how close we were before you decided to date my boyfriend

I don’t know what happened to us, but I get jealous when I see you with your new friends

Laughing, eating and hanging out together like this could have been us

What can I do to have you back, you decided to leave me

I have so many memories of us together, but then I guess I should just accept the way things are between us

So many pictures of us smiling, laughing, playing together what happened to us

Now I’m hurt and you are not there to comfort me it’s too hard to live without you

But I hope that we will meet again in the next life

And I know I have to move on but without you it’s impossible

Just wanna let you know that I forgive you and I miss your stupid face

I love you and I hope that one day we will be close once again