Stop killing people!
Stop because they were created for your help.
Nature says,
they stole a rib from your side is that your reason for her death?
Stop it! Now!

Not baby delivery boxes.
No, Not specie for slavery.
Not beauty for punches and kicks.
Not built for quarrels that end in scars and tears.
Not for days of pain from a foot that cannot stand her nature to nurture and her strength to serve.

She is the nature you are.
Without her you are none.
Think of her, think of mom.
Stop it. Now!

Stop robbing a child of a mother.
Stop killing a dream for another.
Stop another man like you
he could be slaying what was made for you,
From you and like you,
In many ways than just that one. Stop!

Just because you don’t need her help
Don’t see her worth
Can’t feel her warmth
And despise her efforts
She will be next.
Stop so she’s not.

Stop and let the next find her
Help her
Save her
And heal her. Now!

If you no longer can
Don’t end her
Stop now.
Stop and join a struggle
For a lighter battle
Stop it! Now!
Stop it.