There is something

inside of me

I cannot tell what it is

I cannot say how it is

I cannot escape from it

But it’s telling me to

unleash the light inside me

It’s telling me to follow

my heart

It’s telling me to catch

the egg before it falls

I’ve been sitting with this

for light for a very long time

I’ve been sitting in this

corner for a very long time

but, this time around

I say no

I say no to

anything or anyone who

tells me whom I must be, what I must do and what I must say

This time around,

no one has a say in whom

I will become

No one will have the power

to dull my sparkle

Not you or you or anyone

I will not give my past

the power to

define my future

I will not allow anyone’s

thoughts to cloud my judgement

This is my time

This is my dream

I will work for it

I will fight for it

and if it takes a thousand

lives then it is worth fighting for

This is my time

The ball is in my court

Whatever happens

later on, that will

be left to be seen.