I’m the reasonable prostitute

Understand my reasons

Don’t rain on me bad names

For it isn’t my wish

I don’t have any place to call my home

About my future only God knows

I lost my parents

Their relatives chased me

Going to “Palace Bar” was my only solution

Indeed I’m the reasonable prostitute

Loneliness and homelessness know me well

Although batchelors know me well

But I need respect as a human being

Don’t betray me like Judas

Give me chances in this life

My name is Cattie not prostitute

Ask me why before insulting me

My father died before I was in this earth

My mother died during my delivery

For I was the first gift from her womb

I don’t have brothers and sisters

I’m the reasonable batchelor’s ambulance

You enjoy me although you insult me

Help me, all basic needs give me

For due to lack of them a prostitute I have become

I’m the reasonable prostitute