Everyone is quiet.
Only the sound of moving chairs is loud and
And only the sound of flipping papers is making noise.

X, why do they ask it’s value?
This is the time I wish to run,
Because maths isn’t fun.
Just waiting to open my mouth,
Smells like I haven’t brushed for a month.

Analysing all the questions at once
Hoping to get an answer from it.
30 minutes to go,she says.
Making my heart skip too many beats ,
Because I’m in page 6 of 19.

Maybe if I skip Question 3
I would buy myself time.
But question 3 is 20 marks.
Looking at everyone ,they’re almost done,
My friend at the front, looking at me,
Asking if I’m done.

Stop! Time is up.
Thinking of all the false solutions I’ve written.
After the exam,
I look for someone who could relate ,
But I heard them all saying,
Ohh my mathness, I’ve never seen such a simple paper
One who would fail this is a total idiot.