Complete hopelessness converted into tears
That rain down my face at lightning speed
My vision blurry, twas difficult to see clearly
I felt water creep out my eyes
Daddy where art thou .

If I had only five minutes the day you died
Maybe I would tell you how much I love you
you embarked on life journey without farewell
As if you were gone to work as other days
Where are you now, hope it’s home out there .

Now you are gone ,I only have pictures
I’m left with memories of time pass,
The words of encouragement and enlightenment
Heaven has call upon you
But leaving me with so many words un said.

As the pain seems to fade,the memories are bright,
Maybe I’ll see you in my dream tonight.
Or maybe I’ll wait till when we meet in eternity
Then my grief no more and my puzzle solved
Until I’m with you ,I’ll be lost in time .