Should I – written by Pitjeng Reshoketswe


Should I repossess the love I gave ?

Should I diminutive the strong feeling and affection of love?

Shall I diminutive the lonely-heart and loveliness of the love nest.

Should I be ready to turn the love – nest into the love-hate nest?

Shall I conquer the timing to recover what was wasted,

and may there be directness of being loved.

Shall the supply of peace be differentiated between,

The heart that hurt and the one that loved.

Should I taste the strong feeling of affection which taste , tasteful?

Shall the conquer of life be explicit,

And should my restless soul be restated.

And I shall restore and restrict the feeling of being loved.

Shall my love be retrieved from the feeling of love ,

and rest in the heart of peace.


Repossess- To take back. 

Diminutive-To shortage.

Love-nest – a place full of love .

Love-hate nest – a place full of love and hatred.

Conquer- To take control.

Directness-To be simple and clear.

Explicit- something that’s easy to understand