In a world where takers roam so free,

I am the giver, among them, you see.

Surrounded by those with greedy desires,

I offer my heart, setting their souls on fire.

In every interaction, I aim to share,

To lift others up, to show them I care.

Yet, the takers gather, like moths to a flame,

Consuming my kindness, without any shame.

They crave my time, my love, my support,

But rarely do they reciprocate, resort,

To taking, never giving, like a black hole,

Leaving me drained, an empty vessel, they stole.

But still, I persist, in this endless game,

Hoping to ignite a spark, to change their aim.

For in my giving, I find purpose, you see,

A joy that comes from helping hands, selflessly.

Though they may take and take, and never give,

I remain undeterred, for I truly believe,

That with each act of kindness, seeds are sown,

Potentials awakened, love freely grown.

So I continue to give, in the face of greed,

For the world needs more givers, that’s my creed.

And maybe, just maybe, in the giving I do,

I’ll inspire the takers, to become givers too.