Two little stars that wished to fly

With dreams bigger than time

If only the universe could sing of my pain

The melody will be untold dying words that I gave birth too

The slow poison I feed my emotions

The book will be unscripted

Filled with words to console

Be kinder to myself

Find love in betrayal and hurt

Look for definition of trust

Look for myself that was brutality murdered by society

Cry tears I have locked within my heart

Each tear drop carries unturned stones that continue to

Wound my being

I would cry louder

Release the hurt like rap rhymes that flow with time

Cry till my eyes dry, lungs seek oxygen

Find the correct way to be right that no being

Curses a stone at me

Find chapters to help me cross the ocean

Seek self peace to find sanity in being selfish

Save the broken reflection that awakens me in darkness

Speak to the skeletons in my closet

Find the forest with trees full of branches of words

To find the perfect definition of acceptance

Teach myself to be my best friend ,goal keeper ,striker and defender

Spread the the love to my veins

Love with no demons that spread across oceans